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Remote Work Solutions

Remote Work Solutions is a group composed of freelance individuals who are experts in their own fields.  It was organized mainly to assist businesses or companies in their administrative work and other petty things that also need attention.

Its main objective is to help its clients run more effectively and efficiently by supporting the needs and providing them at the best cost possible.

These principles are practiced by Remote Work Solutions (RWS) itself by utilizing the remote and freelance work system in its own operation. This means that overhead cost and travel time were efficiently managed thereby limiting expenses only to Direct Costs as much as possible. The firm lives up to its “practice what you preach” principle.

It is headed by Anton Fontel, who has more than thirty years of experience in banking, insurance selling, finance and entrepreneurship. And together with more than a dozen “partners” with various competencies, they understand both the extent and importance of backroom support.


The availability of accurate, organized and timely reports is a must so that you, as the chief executive or owner of the company can have the peace of mind and back-up information while doing what you do best, whether it be running the organization, selling a product or building on a project. Let Remote Work Solutions stand by you and take care of the small stuff.

Whether you need us for major reporting needs, analysis work, research projects, web design and development or even menial typing work and school homework, we’ll be glad to be a part of your success.

Let RWS stand as your wingman, go-to-guy or errand boy because your success is our success.

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